Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Review: This Daring Journey by Misty M. Beller


My rating: 4 stars / I really liked it



The only hope to keep her newborn baby alive is to reach the safety of her Indian people… This mountain man is the last person she should trust to get her there.

As a half-Indian raised among her Peigan tribe, Moriah Clark knows better than to trust white people. The tragedy that resulted in her birth is proof enough. But when her trusted grandfather marries her to a white man, she has no choice but to obey and hope this new life isn’t her downfall. Her white husband turns out to be a decent sort, but his unexpected death left her to birth a newborn baby among hostile mountain men. She wants nothing more than to retreat to the safe haven of her tribal upbringing. When a mysterious frontiersman arrives on her doorstep seeking her deceased husband, his offer to escort her and the babe to her people seems like the opportunity she’s been praying to find. But can she trust him?

Samuel Grant has been sent to retrieve Henry Clark for his sister’s wedding, but the sight that greets him at the little cabin in the woods is not what he expected. Not only has the man died, but Henry’s wife is fighting off an aggressive gang of men at gunpoint—while trying to conceal a newborn. He can’t leave the pair unattended, so helping her travel into the mountain country to reach her family seems like the only option. If he can win her trust, that is.

Such a grueling journey with a three-week-old baby will be risky, but the challenges that arise test them far more than either expected. When a devastating surprise increases the danger ten-fold, Moriah focuses all her efforts on keeping her newborn daughter alive. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t realize how much of her heart belongs to the mountain man—until it’s too late.

My Review

I can't imagine traveling in the rugged untamed wilderness on the cusp of winter with a brand new baby! Moriah had so much fortitude to leave behind the home she built with her husband and seek out her mother's people. I came to like Samuel in the previous book that focused on his twin, so it was wonderful to read his story and see him be the hero to Moriah and her baby girl. They are strong together and over time she learns to trust him by witnessing his actions and manner that reflect his inner goodness. The journey is treacherous of course, and they pass through and overcome a variety of trials and obstacles, picking up a Native boy along the way who brings another dynamic to their small group. I love the adventure and sweet romance in this series!

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

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