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Review: Phoebe's Light by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Book One in the Nantucket Legacy series

Heidi Reads... Phoebe's Light by Suzanne Woods Fisher

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


Phoebe Starbuck has always adjusted her sails and rudder to the whims of her father. Now, for the first time, she's doing what she wants to do: marrying Captain Phineas Foulger and sailing far away from Nantucket. As she leaves on her grand adventure, her father gives her two gifts, both of which Phoebe sees little need for. The first is an old sheepskin journal from Great Mary, her highly revered great-grandmother. The other is a "minder" on the whaling ship in the form of cooper Matthew Mitchell, a man whom she loathes.

Soon Phoebe discovers that life at sea is no easier than life on land. Lonely, seasick, and disillusioned, she turns the pages of Great Mary's journal and finds herself drawn into the life of this noble woman. To Phoebe's shock, her great-grandmother has left a secret behind that carries repercussions for everyone aboard the ship, especially her husband the captain and her shadow the cooper. This story within a story catapults Phoebe into seeing her life in an entirely new way--just in time.

In this brand-new series, bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher brings her signature twists and turns to bear on a fascinating new faith community: the Quakers of colonial-era Nantucket Island.

My Review

So rich in historical detail! I loved learning about an era and location in history that I knew pretty much nothing about, and now I'm fascinated. I'm not usually a fan of a dual time-line story, but the author balanced it perfectly, with Phoebe and Matthew's perspectives told in third person POV, and the journal entries of her great-grandmother Mary in first person. The majority of the book is about Phoebe and her growth through harsh trials, which is enhanced by the parallels of Mary's growth in the well-placed excerpts. The pace of the book was rather slow at first, but I've found that with this author's beautiful writing I appreciate the time she takes to build the setting and develop the characters so that when the pace quickens and the plot climaxes, I'm completely enthralled and invested in the outcome. Hard lessons are learned, secrets are revealed, yet Phoebe's stalwart faith supports her and encourages those around her when they need it most. I'm loving this new series by one of my favorite authors and am looking forward to more!

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

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Book Two


Six long years ago, Captain Reynolds Macy sailed away from his bride, looking forward to the day when he would return to Nantucket Island with a ship's hold full of whale oil. But when that momentous day finally arrives, Ren soon discovers that everything has changed in his absence. Everything. "Is nothing on this island as it appears to be?" he whispers in despair.

Unlike most islanders, bold and spirited Daphne Coffin doesn't defer to Ren as an authoritative whalemaster, but sees through his aloofness to the aching heart beneath. She encourages him to return to his Quaker roots and "mind the Light," finding solace in God and community. As Ren becomes the man she believes him to be--honorable, wise, faithful--she finds herself falling in love with him.

But how can she, when her heart is spoken for? Tristram Macy is Ren's business partner, cousin, and best friend--and Daphne's fianc
é. Love always comes at a cost, but when is the price too high?
Suzanne Woods Fisher welcomes readers back to the Quaker community on Nantucket Island for this riveting love story, full of unexpected moments.

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