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Review, Giveaway & Extras: A Chaotic Courtship by Bethany Swafford

We are so excited to have Bethany Swafford back for a tour for her amazing book. We had such a great response to her blitz and every so many reviews coming this week from people excited to read her wonderful book. Come join us on the journey!

For as long as she can remember, Bethany Swafford has loved reading books. That love of words extended to writing as she grew older and when it became more difficult to find a ‘clean’ book, she determined to write her own. Among her favorite authors is Jane Austen, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Georgette Heyer.

When she doesn’t have pen to paper (or fingertips to laptop keyboard), she can generally be found with a book in hand. In her spare time, Bethany reviews books for a book site called More Than A Review.

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Heidi Reads... A Chaotic Courtship by Bethany SwaffordTwenty year old Diana Forester, a country bred young woman fears that her inexperience and uncertainties has driven Mr. John Richfield away. On arriving back home from London, she learns that he is already there, ready to continue their acquaintance. If Diana thought that it was difficult in London, courting takes on a whole new aspect when Diana's younger siblings become involved. She finds herself dealing with her own feelings, her sister, her younger brother, jealous members of a house party, a jilted suitor, and a highwayman as she falls in love with the charming Mr. Richfield.

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My Review
3 stars / I liked it

There is much fun in this Regency romp, but most of it is between Diana and her siblings! She bickers and squabbles quite a bit with her sister Sarah, but I was impressed that the author was still able to convey that the sisters did love each other in spite of the fact that they drove each other crazy- most of the time on purpose. There is a strong sense of family loyalty as the siblings protect each other from back-biting debutantes and a mysterious highwayman. Diana's mother is wise and a calming influence on the family, and her father is a noble and caring patriarch. Diana and Mr. Richfield are taking the time to get to know each other before jumping into marriage, but I didn't feel like there was much focus on that, especially since Diana remarked that she didn't even know the name of the estate he owned after they got engaged. He is charming and sweet, and appreciates Diana's differences from the other ladies of society. The plot kind of meanders along and the discovery of the highwayman's identity brings it to a conclusion.

(Thank you to the publisher for a copy of the book; this is my honest review)

Character Casting
A Chaotic Courtship
Author’s Dream Cast

Diana Forester: Felicity Jones
John Richfield: Tom Hiddleston
Sarah Forester:  Jenna Coleman
Will Forester: Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Phillip Knighton: Xavier Samuel
Miss Reynolds: Hayley Atwell
Lady Anna Carlyle:  Anne Hathaway
John Ward: James Norton

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