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Review: The Mariposa Hotel by Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson, Heather B. Moore

Heidi Reads... The Mariposa Hotel by Julie Wright, Melanie Jacobson, Heather B. Moore

My rating: 4 stars / I really liked it


Welcome to Tangerine Street

Tangerine Street is a must-see tourist stop with a colorful mix of one-of-a-kind boutiques, unique restaurants, eclectic museums, quaint bookstores, and exclusive bed-and-breakfasts. The Mariposa Hotel, a new resort, has revitalized Seashell Beach, bringing new life to the sleepy beach town. In the charming gardens of the hotel sits a three-hundred-year-old wishing well transported from Mexico. One toss of the coin, a sincere wish, and lives are changed forever…

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My Review

The Ghost of 913
Mari, a hotel maid working to pay college tuition and studying criminology, notices the tiniest details and is intrigued by the "ghost" who barely leaves a trace in his room. U.S. marshal Grant is involved with witness protection and feels he can't share details about his work with Mari which sets the scene for misunderstanding as they instantly connect but his job eventually gets in the way.

My favorite story of the three, I loved the dimension to each of the characters. Mari and Grant both have deeper struggles they are working to overcome and find healing in their relationship with each other. I also appreciated that they took a week or two to get to know each other before diving into a romance.

Butterfly Kisses
Ridley, acclaimed photographer who subs as concierge while in town shooting a surf competition meets Brooke, a plastic surgeon trying to recruit doctors to join her on a charity trip to repair cleft palates. Both make assumptions about the other based on stereotypes without getting the whole story, but end up falling for each other as they entertain what was supposed to be just a fling.

This story seemed a little more "surface" to me as Brooke and Ridley flirted with each other despite the stereotypes they each disdained about the other. They did share some pretty romantic moments, but there wasn't a foundation of trust behind their initial relationship.

Dreams Come True
Regean is the hotel events manager handling a charity gala for Hollywood producer KC Woods with a demanding assistant, but when she meets Kevin in the lobby, accepts a date only to discover later he is one and the same. More mistaken assumptions complicate things but Reagan bravely gives him a second chance and helps him smooth out some family drama that followed him to the hotel.

I liked the chemistry between Kevin and Reagan, even though it moved pretty quickly. There was a decent balance of physical attraction and appreciation of personality. The fact that Reagan stepped out of her comfort zone to embrace the romantic moments with Kevin made their relationship more special. The subplot of Kevin's family drama rounded out the story nicely.

(Thank you to Ebooks For Review for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review)

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