Thursday, October 10, 2019

Review: For the Lady of Lowena by Deborah M. Hathaway

My rating: 5 stars / It was amazing


She’s everything he never wanted—until she was everything he needed.

Tired of the smoke, the smog, and the spoiled females of London, Frederick Hawkins leaves the city behind and purchases an estate in Cornwall, longing to escape his mother’s meddling—and to find a wife worthy of his devotion. When he happens upon a barefooted lady asleep on the beach and rescues her from the incoming tide, he believes he has found such a woman. But first impressions can’t be trusted.

Born into wealth, Sophia Rosewall is offered everything on a silver platter. That is, until her father reveals he has lost their fortune and can now no longer fund their affluent living. Even worse, the intriguing gentleman who’d rescued Sophia on the beach is no one else but the pretentious man now taking possession of her home. Uprooted from everything she has ever known, Sophia relocates to Lowena, a small cottage at the edge of the sea. She clings to her former life, but when Society rejects her, nothing will ever be the same.

As their paths continually cross, Frederick begins to see glimmers of the carefree Sophia he’d first met on the beach, and he cannot help but hope that there is more to the woman than a love of wealth and attention. He does what he can to help her find confidence in her new life and allow her true self to shine forth, but only Sophia can stop attempting to change her circumstances, and instead, change her heart.

My Review

It's always a risk when the main character of a story is flawed in a way bordering on unlikeable, but the author skillfully played with that line to show the beautiful redemption of Sophia as her world is upended in a most humbling manner and her values and priorities shift. Frederick plays a vital role in helping her understand what's really important in life and finding purpose in her days. I was as happy as Frederick to see her true self emerge that he glimpsed that first day on the beach. She still goes through many obstacles as her confidence takes a battering and she often feels lost and adrift, hovering between the upper and lower classes. Frederick has great hopes for her and their blossoming relationship, but still struggles with trust because of experiences in his past. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this lovely book with an amazing Regency setting on the coast as Frederick and Sophia learn to reconcile their fears and grasp hold of what they most desire.

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

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