Thursday, November 8, 2018

Review: One Little Kiss by Kaylee Baldwin

Heidi Reads... One Little Kiss by Kaylee Baldwin

My rating: 4 stars / I really liked it


Tessa has her future planned to perfection. First get into medical school and become a doctor like everyone else in her family—despite her queasiness around blood. Second meet and marry someone who is just as successful as her brother—the new, handsome doctor in her ward will be just right. And last, prove to her brother that, despite what he thinks, she has it all together. Easy, right? Except that she’s just been called to be the ward road show director for the upcoming stake singles activity, a distraction she doesn’t need. And when a mix-up means that she’s partnered with her bug-eating, seventies dressing home teacher? It’s a disaster with a capital D, and she knows that no one in her family can ever find out about this.

As a PhD student studying insects, Henry White has had his fair share of girls try to change him into someone more socially acceptable—including his ex- fiancĂ©. When his sister convinces him to join the singles ward for his last year of school, he decides to play up his oddness in order to keep the singles at a distance. When he begins to work with Tessa on the road show, he finds that she’s managed to get past his defenses. One little stage kiss is all it takes to make him question everything. But then his ex-fiancĂ© comes home from her mission with one goal in mind: win Henry back, no matter what it takes.

Tessa is soon faced with a choice. Go for the perfect life she’s always pushed herself to have, or find the courage to look past appearances and figure out what she really wants.

My Review

This book was lots of fun to read! I couldn't help but like Tessa- flaws, mistakes, and all. She is misguided in her attempts to please and impress her family with a career choice and "perfect" boyfriend, but the dynamics of her family made me understand her choices. Like Henry, I just wanted her to open her eyes to follow the path that *she* wanted, but never allowed herself to even dream about. Her supportive friends balanced out the pressure she felt from her parents and complete jerk of  a brother. I really enjoyed her friendship with Henry, who also comes to a point of transition because of his relationship with Tessa. He's been hiding behind a facade of unattractiveness to repel women in order to protect his trampled-on heart, but Tessa quickly sees past that and appreciates the genuine and kind man he really is. Lots of drama (but not over the top) and angst, but the kind that has the reader feeling for the characters. The banter is fun, and the chemistry between Henry and Tessa is strong, making the romantic tension add to the feeling of anticipation as I read. Loved the ending!

Side note: The characters are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and there are some terms or references that may be unfamiliar for those not of the faith, but I think would not detract from understanding the story.

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

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