Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Review: Home for Christmas: Historical Christian Romance Collection by Janet Dean, Ruth Logan Herne, Pam Hillman, Julie Lessman

Heidi Reads... Home for Christmas: Historical Christian Romance Collection by Janet Dean, Ruth Logan Herne, Pam Hillman, Julie Lessman

My rating: 4 stars / I really liked it


There is nothing better than romance unless it's faith-filled romance plus Christmas! Join these multi-published, award-winning and best-selling historical authors as they take you on a joy-filled, old-fashioned sleigh ride full of sweet, happily-ever-after romances, the tried-and-true kind that honor God, love, romance and timeless Christmas spirit!

My Review

A Daddy for Christmas by Janet Dean
Rafe learns through the grapevine that the girlfriend he left behind in his hometown had a baby and never told him. He leaves his job working on Mount Rushmore to go home and do his duty so his child won't be fatherless. I admired his resolve to make a family for his child, even though it meant facing unhappy memories from his own childhood and a disapproving father. Tess has been taking care of her niece Josie for three years since her sister died in childbirth and holds Rafe in contempt for leaving her sister. She was a pretty tough nut to crack as she completely resists the efforts of Rafe to get to know his daughter. On top of all that, she and her father are close to losing their store to Rafe's father, leaving them without a way to care for Josie. All the adults become humbled as they put a little girl's welfare above all else during Christmas.

Second Chance Christmas by Ruth Logan Herne
Nellie is on the run from the law, unjustly accused of theft. She arrives in Second Chance, South Dakota to work for the local seamstress, but immediately has a run-in with the sheriff-blacksmith who disdains her impractical fancy city dress. I enjoyed reading as they learn to see beyond first impressions and prejudices.

All Aboard: Destination Christmas by Pam Hillman
My favorite of the collection! This is one I plan to read again.The best kissing scene and an exciting and  compelling plot of survival when the train gets trapped on the tracks by accumulated snow. Great ending for a couple who thought their futures were headed in opposite directions.

The Best Gift of All by Julie Lessman
Julie Lessman's novella would be most appreciated by those who have read her books and already know the family of characters and their dynamics. It was a story of a married couple from one of her previous books and the miscommunications they experience during the holiday season, with moments of humor woven in.

(Thank you to Seekerville for a copy of the book as a gift; this is my honest review)

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