Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Review: Long Trail Home by Vickie McDonough

Heidi Reads... Long Trail Home by Vickie McDonough

My rating: 3 stars / I liked it



When Riley Morgan returns home after fighting in the War Between the States, he is excited to see his parents and fiancee again. But he soon learns that his parents are dead and the woman he loved is married. He takes a job at the Wilcox School for the blind just to get by. He keeps his heart closed off but a pretty blind woman, Annie, threatens to steal it. When a greedy man tries to close the school, Riley and Annie band together to fight him and fall in love.But when Riley learns the truth about Annie, he packs and prepares to leave the school that has become his home and the woman who has thawed his heart. Will he change his mind and find the love he craves' Or will stubbornness deprive him from the woman he needs' Through painful circumstances, Riley and Annie learn that the loving and sovereign hand of God cannot be thwarted.

My Review

This was a sweet, enjoyable story. It alternated between the viewpoints of Annie, Riley, and the headmistress Laura. Each are struggling with fears and obstacles, but lean on each other for strength. I did find it hard to believe that Riley couldn't figure out that Annie was not blind. There also seemed to be an easy solution to Annie's dilemma- why couldn't Laura feed and board her in exchange for her work at the home- without the pretense of blindness? I liked the setting of a school for blind children and the compassion which was a major theme of the novel.

(Thank you to Moody Publishers for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review)

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