Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review: The Dancing Master by Julie Klassen

My Rating: 3 stars

Synopsis from

Leaving London, dancing master Alec Valcourt moves his mother and sister to remote Devonshire--but is stunned to discover that dancing is prohibited! He finds an unlikely ally in Miss Julia Midwinter, but her questions about his past are becoming harder to evade. Together, can they bring new life to this quiet village--and heal long-kept-secret scars?

My Review

I had high hopes for this novel and perhaps high expectations. I enjoyed the plot and there was some mystery involving the ban on dancing that was revealed in bits and pieces throughout. I had a hard time relating to Julia, and I found myself wanting to know more about several of the secondary characters who had the potential to be more interesting than the main characters- their friends and peers who seemed to be there for convenience, but not developed. I didn't feel any romantic chemistry between Alec and Julia- they made better friends in my opinion.

(ARC provided via Netgalley for unbiased review)

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